The Grey Hand Avengers

Pre game notes for Friday 5/13

The game is set in the Nentir Vale. The adventurers has found the Warlord Klaiser. The adventure begins in the town of Winterhaven. the adventurers have chased off goblin bandits from Winterhaven, and become local celebrities.

To make sure we continue with the rewards that were previously established,the background at the start of the game is that Klaiser has recently rewarded the group by granting them a home in Winterhaven. This home is within the city walls.

All of the groups gold has been exchanged for local currency. Magic works here exactly like in The Forgotten Realms, with the exception of spellfire.

The party has become acquainted with two others as friends. Sister Linora, a priestess of Avandra; and Valthrum the Prescient, a scholar and magic dabbler.



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